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Where life takes me, and I take it.

21 February
A little about me. I have a very wide variety of interests, some pretty basic, some rather unique. I have tried to list them all in the Interests, but I ran out of room (they only allow 150).

In the barest essence I am a science geek, but a lot more, actually a geek of many kinds. First and foremost I am a chemistry geek. I am also a gamer geek, Dungeons and Dragons being the big one, but also Star Wars (d20), Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, White Wolf, and others. You can add computer geek to it, though not too hardcore.

Recently I left the world of academia, after being a student for a long time, and teaching for six years. Now I am in the corporate world. The pay is much better I must say. Some things are the same, some things are different. So far so good. To get the good new job I had to cut my long hair (after having it for 17 years) and shave off my beard (had it for 12 years), and went from 10 earrings to 2. I definitely went through a visible life change, plus the big career change.

I consider myself a Celtic-Egyptian pagan, with potential leanings toward Druidry, I'm waiting so see how my interests develop. Related to that I have interests in herbalism, aromatherapy, mythology, religious studies, and random other topics.

I also have a large interest in Alchemy. Particularly alchemical symbols and symbolism. A new interest is alchemical music, in particular a set of work put together by Michael Maier in 1617.

Here in LJ land can be found a lot of friends from various parts of my life, which is very cool. In particular my wife samhainborn and our cat Simon simon_cat, who posts when he can convince me to type it in for him. There are many other very cool people, but I won't try and list them all.

I do keep my journal Friends Only, not because I have some deep dark secrets, rather I just like to know who is reading my ramblings. If you want to see just send a message, or add me to your journal so I can see your writing.
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